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Posillico - Environmental Engineer or Geologist

May 17, 2024 10:32 PM | Jennifer Lewis (Administrator)


The position in the Engineering Services Department is an integral part of a fast-paced group working on development projects for new and existing material processing facilities. Engineering Services is an internal consulting arm to supports all aspects of Posillico facilities including obtaining town and environmental permits and ensuring all compliance aspects of these permits are performed and helping with the solid waste approval processes. This position will assist senior management in the review of import and export material from sites to our facilities, implementation and management of waste handling plans for various projects, and compliance of industrial material facilities. Strong opportunity for upward mobility and rapid growth within the various divisions of the company.

Immediate responsibilities will include:

Main responsibilities will be to assist Environmental Services Team with various environmental data review, compliance and permitting projects.

  • Environmental Data Review:
    • Posillico manages facilities in NY and NJ that accept soil for recycling or disposal.
    • The main project role is to help with the reviews and approvals for incoming soil applications for facilities in NJ and NY.
    • Strong understanding on NYSDEC and NJDEP soil cleanup objectives
    • Strong understanding of environmental data and comparing to regulatory limits
    • Strong background with environmental field sampling to help in review process.

Supplemental responsibilities will include:

Supplemental responsibilities will be to assist Environmental Services Team with various permitting and compliance items including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Permitting and Compliance Assistance
    • All of the facilities have State environmental permits and applicant should have an understanding with compliance and permitting with the following.
      • NYSDEC Part 360 Solid Waste
      • NYSDEC Air Permitting,
      • SCDHS Article 12 and Article 18 tank regulations
      • NCHD tank program,
      • SCDPW permitting,
      • NJDEP solid waste, NJPDES, air (a plus)
      • SEQRA permitting,
  • Environmental sampling and review of associated laboratory deliverables to make recommendations based on sampling results.
  • Review Phase I/II to provide risk-based guidance to stakeholders.
  • Due diligence experience (Phase I/II).
  • Assist with Posillico Facility Compliance program, including site inspections and the ability to convey observations in a report format and verbally to facility managers.
  • Ability to draft technical reports based on the review of environmental field data and laboratory sample results.
  • Performs construction inspections for internal projects.


  • B.S. Degree in Environmental Engineering or Geology (preferred) with 2-4 years of related experience. Civil & Chemical engineering, environmental scientists may be considered with related experience.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Teams) computer experience required.
  • Experience in Heavy Construction and Development a plus
  • Solid waste NYSDEC experience a plus
  • NYSDEC, NJDEP, SCDHS, NCHD permitting work a plus.
  • Due Diligence work (Phase I/II) preferred.
  • Experience using AutoCAD is a plus.
  • Must be capable of meeting deadlines, self-motivated, detail oriented, have excellent interpersonal skills and have excellent follow-through capability.
  • Must possess the ability to multi-task and have strong organizational skills.
  • Must have ability to travel to and from frequent facility site visits.
  • Verbal and written communication skills are essential to this position.
  • Ability to performed effectively in a fast-paced environment; able to accurately process written documents, perform duties in a timely manner, be highly organized and able to interface; communicate effectively with company, clients and field personnel at all levels.

Reports to: Senior Environmental Engineering Manager

Location: Farmingdale, NY

Business Unit: Engineering Services

Compensation: $65,000.00 - $80,000.00

To apply, contact Lindsay Dieumegard 631-249-1872

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